Dances of the Universal Peace

Dances of the Universal Peace is my beloved spiritual practice, and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to dance with Narayan in Saratov this year. I missed his dances in Saint Petersburg because our seminars coincided last weekend, but I came to Saratov by train especially to meet my old dancing friend.
Two fantastically deep days of singing, dancing and praying together.
🔆Narayan is a special person in my life. It was he who blessed me 13 years when I was pregnant for the first time with Eya, and only 2 years ago, here in Saratov, five kids after, I realized that he gave me his personal «darshan» of «solo» unassisted birth)))
🙏🏻I am so grateful to him for the blessing and now I continue and pass the gift on, inspiring other mothers and fathers to give birth «solo» at home, in love and peace, just as we conceive our children.
✨Life is a beautiful dance, and I’m sure we all really need to dance our lives with open hearts to the Universe…
Unbelievable, but…
Today I dance without kids in sling, just on my own, as 15 years ago… Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty, the Only Being, United with all the Illuminated Souls, Who form the Embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance. opening invocation — pir vilayat inayat khan. ©


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